When Oracle dbstart/dbshut does not do anything

If like me you are surprised by the fact that dbstart or dbshut does not do anything when launching it, just make sure to edit the /etc/oratab and have the last char as Y and not N. Like if it is like this : change it to this :

April 23, 2010

Import Export to different tablespace names with Oracle 9i

Renaming Oracle Database is a pain, coming from OpenSource DB like MySQL or PostGres where we do that all the time i did not think that Oracle have to be such a pain. My only way i can find. If i have the tablespace named tablesp1 and owned by the user user1, and i want to import it to another tablespace called tablesp2 in an another Oracle 9i tablespace with the user...

February 7, 2007

Compile tora with oracle

After installing Oracle instant client, if you have them in /usr/local/lib/instantclient_10_2, this is the command line i use : ./configure –with-instant-client=/usr/local/lib/instantclient_10_2 –with-oracle-includes=/usr/local/lib/instantclient_10_2/sdk/include –with-oracle-libraries=/usr/local/lib/instantclient_10_2 –with-oci-version=10G Let me know ny email if you want the deb for ubuntu linux.

January 4, 2007

sqlplus timeout when connnecting

If you are using a pam_ldap or pam_nis environement and it happend that sqlplus does not want to connect as user but it does as root, waiting for : You just to have make sure to have nscd up and running. dunno what sqlplus does :(

January 3, 2007

Error loading native library: libnjni9.so

If you like me when running oracle on x86_64 get that damn : Error loading native library: libnjni9.so when launching dbca and you have googled the thousands five hundred useless answer. Just add the path of the libs $ORACLE_HOME/lib and $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 to your /etc/ld.so.conf (or /etc/ld.so.conf.d/oracle.conf on RH derivative) and rerun ldconfig. If this is during install just jump to a console after you add this line before it launching dbca and run a ldconfig -v as root....

December 22, 2006