Exclude .git or .svn directories in Eclipse (Helios)

If you are using Ctrl+Shift+T in Eclipse and have .git or .svn directory showing up it is easy to fix it without having to use another plugin for eclipse like subeclipse or egit. Open the Properties of your project go to Resource=>Resource Filters and click on Add to add a new filter. Now just do like this ScreenShot : Change the *.git* to *.svn* if you like for subversion.

June 17, 2010

connecting to self signed SSL certificate from Java on Debian/Ubuntu

You want to connect to self signed SSL certificate from Java using the standard HttpsURLConnection and you are getting this error, because the self signed certificate is obviously not recognized by Java : it seems that there is a lot of ‘solutions’ (read hack) or workaround around the web which is resumed well on this stack overflow article. There is actually a very easy (and secure) way on Debian based systems....

June 3, 2010