Moving from Australia and going back to Paris.

Finally after three years (almost i arrived on 29 September 2004 here) i am following all my french friends (except Aurelien whos staying here) and i am moving back to France. It is a heartbreak since this is one (if not the one) of the best country i ever lived. I made a lot of good friends in Sydney and for the last 3 month in Melbourne. Well anyway i am sorta looking forward to come back to France to be near my kid and see all my friends there.

And as always on my way back to France i am going to travel a bit in South America until december, i have made a website which show all places i am going to which i would update on the go.

The website is here :

It is probably only interesting to my mum but it as well give me some good understanding of all thoses new Ajax technology and others MVC Framework (via Django).

For all my french friends i hope to see you soon in Paris!