My running and cycling stats of 2012

And here is another year finishing and I am looking back how did I do with my fitness.

I have not done well with regard to my class A running race, I wasn’t able to make to the Jerusalem marathon due of passport problem of my kid and had to easy my running due of a bad ankle since February, but I still did a 1h32 half marathon by March and a 1h38 in L.A in Septembre, just in time to hit over 1000km by this year :

  Running stats 2012

I have instead did much more cycling finishing a easy sportive in wales of 130km and a pretty hard one in south of france of 160km with a lot of mountains climbed. I made it to 5000Km (for my racing bike not counting my city bike which has around 500km on it) :

Cycling Stats 2012

I would have done much more if I didn’t have a bad upper shine when I was in australia where I was going to do a month of cycling.

This year looks promising with the Madrid Marathon in april (going for around 3h20) and probably some pretty good cycling trips during the summer if shin/ankle get sorted, I am looking forward to 2013.

Sunday bike ride in London

This post is literally to test the embedding track feature from Garmin Connect …..

This is a easy bike ride, it start from Ealing to to Decathlon in Canada water and stop in Parsons-Green on my way back to watch Liverpool-Arsenal at mates place before coming back home, my pace was kind of slow since I have a broken thumb and I am trying to respect London traffic now and stop at traffic lights 😉

Garmin Forerunner 305 is awesome device by the way if you are doing a lot of outdoor Running / Cycling, I have just ordered the footpod accessory to track my workout when I play football or on a treadmill.