Sometime the tiniest optimization makes a huge difference. When I am not using Emacs and dired I usually just use the shell with zsh to do all my file management.

This is fine and great but sometime when I need to select multiple files with different names, I would have to do a lot of tabs and selection or copy and paste to select properly the list of files I want to do operations on.

I could use a terminal file manager like ranger or nnn but I never got into getting used to use them and even if I have it installed and configured I always forget to launch them.

There is a fantastic plug-in for zsh called zsh-fzf-history-search it let you plug fzf onto any zsh selection.

I don’t need as much fzf in my shell but I want only sometime for selecting some not so easy to get files.

I made the fzf-select-file plug-in for that :

You just hit the keys C-x C-f (ie: control-x followed by control-f) and it will spin up a fzf windows with the list of files provided by exa sorted by file modification time. A nice preview window of it file will be showed as well on the right with bat.

It automatically quote the files with space into it show it on your command line.

Feel free to go on the github project to see how you can install it!