Using python-novaclient against Rackspace Cloud next generation (powered by OpenStack)

With the modular auth plugin system merged into python-novaclient it is now very easy to use nova CLI against the Rackspace Public Cloud powered by OpenStack. we even have a metapackage that would install all the needed bits. This should be easy as doing this : pip install rackspace-novaclient and all dependencies and extensions will [...]

swift.common.client library and swift CLI has moved to its own project

Historically if you wanted to write software in python against OpenStack swift, people would have use the python-cloudfiles library or swift.common.client shipped with Swift. python-cloudfiles was made mostly for Rackspace CloudFiles before even Swift existed and does a lot of extra stuff not needed for OpenStack Swift (i.e: CDN). swift.common.client was designed for OpenStack Swift from [...]

S3 emulation to OpenStack Swift has moved

A little note about swift3 the S3 emulation layer to OpenStack Swift As from this review we have removed it from Swift since the decision[1] was made that only the official OpenStack API would be supported in Swift. The development will be continued in fujita's repository on github at this URL : Feel free to grab the middle-ware or [...]

Audit a swift cluster

Swift integrity tools. There is quite a bit of tools shipped with Swift to ensure you have the right object on your cluster. At first there is the basic : swift-object-info It will take a swift object stored on the filesystem and print some infos about it, like this : swift@storage01:0/016/0b221bab535ac1b8f0d91e394f225016$ swift-object-info Path: /AUTH_root/foobar/file.txt [...]