Get size of Postgres DB from filesystem

Get the size accurately from postgres local filesystem, i guess there is some sql stuff that can do that but that does the job as well for me : #!/bin/bash /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin/oid2name -U postgres|while read -a e;do name=${e[1]} oid=${e[0]} [[ $oid == “All” || $oid == “Oid” || -z $oid || -z $name ]] && continue […]

svn diff without spaces

I am sic of spaces and having svn diff that does not get the spaces removed. So here is a simple script that does the stuff that you can use as your diff-cmd : #!/bin/bash for i in $@;do echo $i |grep -q “)” && continue echo $i |grep -q “(” && continue t=”$t $i” […]