rsync like backup to Rackspace Cloud File with duplicity

It seems that there is no much documentation about how to do rsync like backup with duplicty so here it is : Install python-cloudfiles from here Install duplicity, its available directly from Debian or alike distros (ie: ubuntu) or you can do that from source from the homepage. Get your API Key from and […]

Upload to Rackspace Cloud files from GNOME nautilus

After seeing this script which allow to upload files with the file manager (finder) of MacosX to Rackspace Cloud Files, I have made a nautilus script that doe the same for us Gnome/Unix users. Available here :

Generating md5 encrypted password for chpasswd

If you want to generate properly encrypted password to feed to chpasswd, the most easier and proper way is to do that from command line : [code lang=”bash”] echo "encryptedpassword"|openssl passwd -1 -stdin [/code] If you want to generate in pure python you can do it like that : [code lang=”python”] def md5crypt(password, salt, magic=’$1$’): […]