How to connect to Rackspace Cloud Files via ServiceNET

If you are a Rackspace customer and you are are planning to use Rackspace Cloud Files via it’s internal network (ServiceNet) so you don’t get billed for the bandwidth going over Cloud Files this is how you can do. The first thing is to make sure with your support team if your servers are connected to ServiceNet and if […]

Upload to Rackspace Cloud files from GNOME nautilus

After seeing this script which allow to upload files with the file manager (finder) of MacosX to Rackspace Cloud Files, I have made a nautilus script that doe the same for us Gnome/Unix users. Available here :

Ruby XMLRPC over a Self Certified SSL with a warning

If you use the XMLRPC client in ruby over a self certified SSL you have this warning : warning: peer certificate won’t be verified in this SSL session You can get override that warning cleanly (i have seen some people who just comment the message in the standard library) like that : require ‘xmlrpc/client’ require […]

Generating md5 encrypted password for chpasswd

If you want to generate properly encrypted password to feed to chpasswd, the most easier and proper way is to do that from command line : [code lang=”bash”] echo "encryptedpassword"|openssl passwd -1 -stdin [/code] If you want to generate in pure python you can do it like that : [code lang=”python”] def md5crypt(password, salt, magic=’$1$’): […]