Netapp sue Sun

This is fun, theses two CEO of theses big companies are dog fighting each others : Dave post: Johanthan answer: but the real (fake) truth about that post is here : I tend to believe more NetAPP in this case, just because i don’t know how many time i have sweared on […] is moved.

I have finally changed over a new provider. The new provider is called WebHost and i got a VPS with 50GB of bandwith and 2GB of storage for 10US$ a month. My first task was to compile python2.4 on that box which look like it’s based on RH7.3 with heavy customization. Hopefully python really […]


On X86_64 VM Emulation works way better with Xen 3.0 than with Vmware. Xen is pretty awesome compared to Vmware for my use. The only thing i have to figure out is how to get rpmstrap get it workin on Debian base system.