emacs anything with magit

I have been using quite a bit the anything-mode for Emacs, it’s basically a Quicksilver/Alfred or Gnome-do for Emacs and allow to configure a lot of different sources to complete some chosen ‘source’with different actions. With my work on OpenStack I have found myself jumping a lot between git directories and due configured the variable ‘magit-repo-dirs for […]

emacs daemon and Xdefaults

It does not seems that emacs started with –daemon read the .Xdefauls resource it seems that the only way setting it is by the default-frame-alist variable. I have my setup like this : (setq default-frame-alist ‘((font-backend . “xft”) (font . “Inconsolata-14”) (vertical-scroll-bars) (left-fringe . -1) (right-fringe . -1) (fullscreen . fullboth) (menu-bar-lines . 0) (tool-bar-lines […]