Swift and quotas in upcoming 1.8.0 (Grizzly) release.

There is two new nifty middlewares for doing quotas in upcoming Swift release 1.8.0 called container_quotas and account_quotas. Those are two different middlewares because they are actually addressing different use cases. container_quotas is typically used by end users the use case here is to let user to specify a limit on one of their container. […]

Using python-novaclient against Rackspace Cloud next generation (powered by OpenStack)

With the modular auth plugin system merged into python-novaclient it is now very easy to use nova CLI against the Rackspace Public Cloud powered by OpenStack. we even have a metapackage that would install all the needed bits. This should be easy as doing this : pip install rackspace-novaclient and all dependencies and extensions will […]

Rackspace CloudDNS python binding

I have released a python binding to Rackspace CloudDNS here which allow you to create/update/delete domains and records. It’s available on github https://github.com/rackspace/python-clouddns/ The binding is pretty simple and have unfortunately no documentation (or even tests) but you can figure out most of it from here : https://github.com/rackspace/python-clouddns/blob/master/tests/t.py I will be very welcoming pull request […]

Mass editing firewall on Rackspace Cloud.

A lot of our customers in Rackspace cloud has been asking how to mass edit firewalls of servers when you have multiple servers without doing it manually. Part of my cloudservers-api-demo I have written a simple firewall scripts abstracting the Operating System firewall software to allow/enable/disable the firewall and ports/networks. The script has been kept […]

Howto shutdown your Cloud Server and not getting billed for it.

Currently in Rackspace-Cloud when you are shutting-down your Cloud Servers you are still paying for it. The reason is that when the Cloud Server is shut-down your CloudServer is still sitting on the hyper-visor and still use resources on the Cloud and then get you billed for it. There is a way to get around […]

Installing python-cloudfiles from pypi

I have just uploaded python-cloudfiles to pypi available here This make things easy to add as a dependence of your project like you can have something like this in your setup.py : requirements = [‘python-cloudfiles’] and it will automatically download it as part of the dependence with easy_install or pip. cool kids on latest debian/ubuntu […]

How to use fireuploader with the Rackspace Cloud UK

Fireuploader is a Firefox addon that gives you a nice GUI to upload files via your firefox browser. I have made a special version of the extensions to make it works with the RackSpace Cloud UK. Install the addon from here : http://www.chmouel.com/pub/firefox_universal_uploader__fireuploader_-0.4.5-fx+mz+ukcf.xpi Allow the website by clicking Allow in the yellow bar on the […]

Howto access the UK Rackspace Cloud with the PHP Binding

One of the last library I didn’t documented in my earlier post was php-cloudfiles. You need to have at least the version 1.7.6 released to have support to different auth_server and when you have that you can do it like this to get access to cloud files via the library : < ?php require_once("cloudfiles.php"); # […]

Backup with duplicity on Rackspace CloudFiles (including UK) script.

It seems that my post about using duplicity to backup your data on Rackspace CloudFiles got popular and people may be interested to use with the newly (Beta) released Rackspace Cloud UK. You would just need to have a environnement exported at the top of your backup script like this : export CLOUDFILES_AUTHURL=https://lon.auth.api.rackspacecloud.com/v1.0 and it […]