For the love of centered windows gnome extension edition

Feels weird or great or stupid or pretty smart or whatever to be wrong. Just when I wrote that previous blog post : that I realize that shelll script doesn’t work great on wayland.

I didn’t really understood how Wayland works and just assumed that my tiny scripts just works. But experiencing not working on a native Wayland application and understanding how wayland works: it obviously needed a better way to do that if I have to keep up with the modern world of a linux desktop.

So I spent a few hours to trying to understand how to make a gnome shell extension to replicate this. Since with the wayland architecture I don’t think there is other way around to replicate this feature.

I got inspired by the [tactile]( And when I say inspired I pretty much copied a lot of code from there (my javascript and gtk dev skills are near to zero so I truly needed help).

The results is a nice extension that does exactly the same thing as my script and work exactly as wanted.

I even got a nice gif to show for it :

If you are interested it feel free to grab it from the gnome extensions website :

Just start pressing the Super (or windows) + C keys to center the current window or Super/Win+Shift C to rotate the window around.