Controlling Yamaha AV RX-A830 from command line

At home I have been using a Yamaha AV RX-A380, it’s an home teather audio video solution where you can plug about everything you need (like 7 hdmi channel, spoiler alert there is something wrong with you if you have that many devices) and output to two other hdmi channel (like a tv and a projector).

It has integration for spotify, airplay, netradio and billions of connection to everything, just look at the damn back of this device :

Since I wanted to control it from the command line to automateĀ it for home automation, I firebugged the web interface and reversed some of the REST callsĀ in a nice bash script.

Here it is at your convenience to using or hack it :

This doesn’t support multi-zone and assume the web interface is resolvable to http://yamaha.local/ (it should be by default) so be aware. This may support other Yamaha AV devices but since I don’t have it I can’t say and you may have try, if it does kindly add a comment here soother would know :)

4 thoughts on “Controlling Yamaha AV RX-A830 from command line”

  1. I was just looking for that! Almost great! Tthis seems to partially work on my Yamaha R-N301! I control it while in other room using IC transponder, but the cat used it for toy :) I would prefer to add curls for almost the same things ay you to my Kodi remote. That is not a problem if I know http commands.

    On, off, mute work perfectly.
    Volume seems not to react.

    I do not have HDMI ports, I need to switch between: Server, Optical and Line1. Adapted your code easily. Many thanks!

    Any idea what could I try to fix Volume?

    1. Fixed one part of the Volume problem. Your Volme func extracts my current volume correctly, but your sed misses it. OK, I fixed that so now $volume has my correct current volume.

      But, you are setting dB and I know I am not using db but percentage, my volume is ranging from 0 to 99-Max.

      For sure, I must change this db into something like percentage.

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