Triathlon gear checklist


I have been doing triathlon for the last few years and I am getting more and more people around me looking to do their first triathlons.

There is much information on the interweb about training plans and other tips to get you to the finish on time but the thing I found that was the most missing that I could not find was what to bring on a triathlon.

I am known to always forget one thing, I am like that guy that always come back home twice home when he goes out because he forgot something. And since triathlon you have so much to bring it fast became a nightmare if I don’t get organized and make a checklist.

So here it is or my version of it, this may help you to kickstart your own list for what to bring.

(I probably update it along the way)


Tri Suit
Race Belt
Base layer
Caffeine Pills (to wakeup)


Towel to dry legs while putting shoes
Spare swimming cap


Cycling Jersey
Cycling Bottles x 2 (shitty ones to be thrown away)
Cycling Gloves
Cycling Shoes
Cycling Socks
Cycling rain jacket
Mini saddle bag with Tire Levers, CO2 inflator and patch kit
Tubes x 3
Wrench/Allan key tool


Running hat
Running Shoes
Warm jumper for after race.
Energy Gels
Energy Drink (capsules)


Garmin Edge 800
Garmin Edge 800 Charger (Mini-USB)
Garmin Forerunner 910XT
Garmin Forerunner Charger
Garmin ANT USB Key for transfer
Ear plugs
Cycling Bag for train transport
CR2032 batteries (in case off for cadence/power/hr strap)
Heart Rate Monitor



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