I have been experimenting a lot with OpenShift v3 and love how everything work well together plugging Kubernetes and Docker with a PAAS workflow.

One of the thing that I don’t get is to have to write manually verbose json templates, it’s wonderful for machines and to parse but writing it can get as painful as (dear I said it) XML.

OpenShift natively support very nicely yaml files and it’s a straight conversion of what you would have in json format.

Since at this time most of the examples are in json I wrote a script to quickly convert them to yaml and came up with this command line using python and bash :

for i in $(find . -name '*.json');do  python -c 'import sys,json,yaml;print(yaml.safe_dump(json.loads(sys.stdin.read()), default_flow_style=False))' < $i > ${i/json/yaml};done

Happy Yameling (I just made this word up and I am not even drunk)