How to launch the Swift functional test suite with Keystone

It is easy to launch the swift functional tests with v2 auth (Keystone).

Assuming you have a recent version of python-swiftclient, python-keystoneclient and swift you need to first add a few users which is easily done with this script :

Assuming you have already your OS_* variables configured with an admin, you can just launch it and it will :

  • add a tenant/user named test/tester.
  • add a tenant/user name test2/tester2.
  • add a user tester3 belonging to test2 but not operator on that tenant.

and it will create a /etc/swift/swift.conf for testing. You can adjust the keystone host in auth_host there (default to

You can now just go to your swift directory and launch the script :

  $ ./.functests

and the functional tests will run against a keystone server (or a auth v2 api compatible server).

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