Using python-novaclient against Rackspace Cloud next generation (powered by OpenStack)

With the modular auth plugin system merged into python-novaclient it is now very easy to use nova CLI against the Rackspace Public Cloud powered by OpenStack.

we even have a metapackage that would install all the needed bits. This should be easy as doing this :

pip install rackspace-novaclient

and all dependencies and extensions will be installed. To actually use the CLI you just need to specify the right arguments (or via env variable see nova –help) like this :

nova –os_auth_system rackspace –os_username $USER –os_tenant_name $USER –os_password $KEY

on RAX cloud, usually the username is the tenant name so this should match.

For the UK Cloud you just need to change the auth_system to rackspace_uk like this :

nova –os_auth_system rackspace_uk –os_username $USER –os_tenant_name $USER –os_password $KEY

3 thoughts on “Using python-novaclient against Rackspace Cloud next generation (powered by OpenStack)”

  1. Hi Chmouel,

    I did a “sudo pip install rackspace-novaclient” from my MacBook and everything installed successfully. However, when I try to run it, I get the following.

    nova –os_auth_system rackspace –os_username my-username –os_tenant_name my-tenant –os_password my-password list

    usage: nova [–debug] [–no_cache] [–timings] [–os_username OS_USERNAME] [–os_password OS_PASSWORD] [–os_tenant_name OS_TENANT_NAME] [–os_auth_url OS_AUTH_URL] [–os_region_name OS_REGION_NAME] [–service_type SERVICE_TYPE] [–service_name SERVICE_NAME] [–volume_service_name VOLUME_SERVICE_NAME] [–endpoint_type ENDPOINT_TYPE] [–os_compute_api_version OS_COMPUTE_API_VERSION] [–username USERNAME] [–region_name REGION_NAME] [–apikey APIKEY] [–projectid PROJECTID] [–url URL] [–bypass_url BYPASS_URL] …error: argument : invalid choice: ‘rackspace’Try ‘nova help ‘ for more information.

    I don’t see –os_auth_system in the usage and, of course, the problem with the invalid choice. Any thoughts as to what might be causing the problem?

  2. Hello Everett, I should probably add that you need to have the latest python-novaclient to make it work, let me see when we are going to have a pip release.

  3. Chmouel- You should also note in your article that on a Mac you need to install rackspace-auth-openstack. Obviously nova would not work without it and the error output when you don’t have rackspace-auth-openstack doesn’t make it easy to find.

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