Uploading to Rackspace Cloud Files via FTP

Sometime ago I wrote a FTP proxy to RackSpace Cloud Files which expose Rackspace Cloud Files as a FTP server acting as a proxy.

Thanks to the OpenSource community a user on github took it and add support OpenStack and all the latest features available in Cloud Files.

It is now pretty robust and works pretty well via nautilus even with the pseudo hierarchical folder feature. The fun part here is that it allow you to effectively have a Cloud Drive where you can easily store your files/backup from your Linux desktop via nautilus built-in ftp support.

I have made a video that show how it works :

Upload to the Cloud via FTP from Chmouel Boudjnah on Vimeo.

One thought on “Uploading to Rackspace Cloud Files via FTP”

  1. I’ve tried on multiple Amazon ec2 ami’s and can’t get a single one to actually work.  In fact with most of my testing with Rackspace CloudFiles small files work fine with like fileconveyor, but if it goes into 30MB range it’s total failure.  Awesome download speed in our tests with manual uploads, but overall very disappointing.  (May have to go to S3)

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