How to use fireuploader with the Rackspace Cloud UK

Fireuploader is a Firefox addon that gives you a nice GUI to upload files via your firefox browser.

I have made a special version of the extensions to make it works with the RackSpace Cloud UK.

Install the addon from here :

Allow the website by clicking Allow in the yellow bar on the top as seen in this screenshot :

Click Allow on the top

Click on Install Now and restart Firefox.

After the Firefox browser is restarted you can go in Tools => Fireuploader and choose Rackspace Cloud UK in the dropdown list :

and click on Manage Account :

enter your UK username and UK API Key and “Save Password” if you like and it should log you into your UK Cloud :

4 thoughts on “How to use fireuploader with the Rackspace Cloud UK”

  1. I am using FF 5.0 and when I try to install this plugin I get the following message: The add-on downloaded from could not be installed becuase it appears to be corrupt.

    Is it not compatible with FireFox 5?  I would love to use this add-on.



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