Upload a file to Rackspace Cloud Files from Windows

I don’t have to use much of the Windows Operating System except when I have to  synchronize my Garmin GPS to use the excellent SportsTrack software for my fitness training.

I wanted to get safe and backup my SportsTrack ‘logbook’ directly to Rackspace Cloud Files; while this is easy to do from Linux using some other script I made but I haven’t had anything at hand for Windows without having to install bunch of Unix tools.

So I made a quick C# CLI binary to allow just do that and do my backups via a ‘Scheduler Task’ (or whatever cron is called on Windows).

It’s available here :


and note that you will need nant to compile it.

Get latest lyrics of a scrobbled LastFM song

All my music players (Spotify, XBMC, Rythmbox etc…) are scrobbling over lastfm but not all of them display song lyrics properly so I came up with a quick Google AppEngine app that grab the latest or current song scrobbled over  last.fm and display its lyrics. No fancy HTML or javascript just the lyrics displayed for your enjoyment.

This is available here :


for the scripter around you can just get (via curl or other) :


and it will automatically display it for that username.