Upload to Rackspace Cloud Files in a shell script

I don’t really use much the GUI and always the command line so I don’t really use the Cloud File plugin I created for nautilus.

So here is a shell script to upload to Rackspace Cloud Files and give you back a shortened URL of the public URL file. Great for quick sharing… You have to install the zenity binary first..

[Update: this is now available here https://github.com/chmouel/upcs]

5 thoughts on “Upload to Rackspace Cloud Files in a shell script”

  1. Hi — How can I contact you offline? I want to know if you’re available for coding for hire, re: rackspace stuff.

  2. Please let me know if you’re available for hire, we need to implement some kind of utility between a web app that runs classic ASP and Rackspace Cloud files. I’m envisioning a DLL that could be called from within the classic ASP code that replaces the VBscript  fileSystemObject that we use now to manage files on the server. Thank you.

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