I have just committed an experiment of a FTP Server answering to Cloud Files. It act completely transparently to be able to use any FTP Client to connect to cloud-files.

There is probably a couple of bugs there but the basis of it seems to be working, please let me know if you find any problems with it.


By default it will bind to port 2021 and localhost to be able to be launched by user which can be changed via the command line option -p. The username password are your API Username and key.

Manual Install

FTP-Cloudfs require the pyftpdlib which can be installed from here :


and python-cloudfiles :


you can then checkout FTP-Cloudfs from here :


The way to install python package is pretty simple, simply do a python
setup.py install after uncompressing the tarball downloaded.

Automatic Install:

You can generate a debian package directly from the source if you have
dpkg-buildpackage installed on your system. It will give you a nice
initscripts as well to start automatically the ftp cloudfs process.


Albeit I am working for Rackspace Cloud this is not supported by
Rackspace but please feel free to send a comment here if you have any