Accessing to Rackspace Cloud Files via servicenet (update)

Last week I have posted an article explaining how to connect to Rackspace Cloud Files via Rackspace ServiceNET but I actually got it wrong as pointed by my great colleague exlt so I had to take it down until figured out how to fix it.

I have add that feature properly to the PHP and Python API in version 1.5.0 to add a ‘servicenet’ argument to the connection and updated the blog post here :

It should give you all the information for the howto use that feature.

I have released as well a minor update in 1.5.1 to allow you to define the environment variable RACKSPACE_SERVICENET to force the use of the Rackspace ServiceNET this allow you to don’t have to modify the tools and have a clean code between prod and testing.

2 thoughts on “Accessing to Rackspace Cloud Files via servicenet (update)”

  1. Thanks Chmouel, I’ll be releasing an update to my CDN Tools project shortly that incorporates this change. Ideally I’d like to be able to autodetect (at least sometimes) when a user is in Rackspace Cloud Sites, but being able to manually do this is a huge step forward!

    1. I’ll be honest with you I don’t know how Rackspace Cloud Sites work (it’s even secret for us the other Rackspace people) but it’s kind of difficult to do this from the Rackspace managed hosting server so there is not many other way than to do manually..

      Thanks for the tool!

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