FFAP and Ruby in Emacs

If you want to use FFAP (find-file-at-point) in ruby-mode you can add this to your .emacs

(defvar ruby-program-name "ruby")
(defun ruby-module-path(module)
      ruby-program-name " -e "
      "\"ret='()';$LOAD_PATH.each{|p| "
      "x=p+'/'+ARGV[0].gsub('.rb', '')+'.rb';"
      "if(File.exist?(x))};printf ret\" "

(eval-after-load "ffap"
  '(push '(ruby-mode . ruby-module-path) ffap-alist))

When you do ffap (i bind it to C-x f) near a require ‘PP’ for example it will find it in your ruby path.

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