OpenSource Jokes

Funny website that you should checkout :

i wish theses guys were not putting some stupids google ads on the site. But well i know them it’s a day to day full time job to be the funny guys of the place 😉

One thought on “OpenSource Jokes”

  1. Maybe they have the “stupid google ads” to pay for hosting or the like. I’m certain nobody with a small site would get rich or are profiting off people. I don’t understand your problem with it? Google ads are the best ads out there, that is, non-intrusive and I believe they don’t pay on an impression base only a click base so it’s not like those flashing banners. I had a friend who used to give me my hosting so I never needed to pay a hosting bill, thus never needed to put ads, but I understand why people would. Plus if people spend a fair chunk of time on a website why not get a little extra cash for your effort? The ads are based on the content so if you have an article about say postgres, people might see a link to a postgres forum advertised, they can click on that and get to more postgres information. It is a win/win situation. (I’ve noticed some google ads are not asking you to buy things as well, so its not just trying to extract money).

    Having said all that, I would not be offended and would recommend you getting those text based ads like does on their home page, thats if you pay for hosting (or aren’t ridiculously rich). You’ll help with that $30-$40 a month bill and you may help one person find what they are looking for.

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