From Australia to Jerusalem via Jordan

I have finally arrived to Jerusalem after 30 hours of travel going via Jordan.
It has been a long and tirering Journey here is some highlight of it :

  • In the plane i meet a dude which i am playing soccer with every Sunday. It’s pretty amazing to make some meeting like that, how many chances there is that
    i meet this person in the same plane as me. The other funny thing is, that is going to be the same time as me in Dubai.
  • In Dubai i meet a french girl from the 16e arrondisement in Paris. Never seen a posh girl coming from this area of paris traveling by herself. Pretty nice person
  • I was late for my plane in Dubai so i had the speaker calling me at the airport in loud with my names. And i was trying to don’t make myself remarked.
  • Watching Fashion TV on the plane with catwalk of arabic girls is pretty awesome, never seen arabic gilrs from that humm angle.
  • When arrived at Amman Airport i was thinking that having the names Chmouel and Reouven was going to be trouble. But in fact it was pretty straightforward.
  • Since i went straight to the south of Jordan i had to take the bus, firstable i lost myself trying to find the bus station. I finally arrived after walking all over the city
    with my backpack under the sun. Funny thing i had to wait under the sun for 3hours until the next bus was coming for Aqaba. After that i slept all over the
    bus ride.
  • Decided to go straight from Aqaba to the border. Nothing special here except that i spent some good 20minutes trying to figure out where i need to get
    my passport stamped.
    Walking between the Jordanian and Israeli border is weird its a huge alley with big electric fence all over.
  • Arrived to Eilat it was too late to take a bus to Jerusalem. So i went to the taba hostel, same hostel i stayed 2 years ago. Could not sleep because
    of the jetlag so i went having a beer with an American and Israel guys. There is a lot of teenagers around here, and they all dressing like going to a
    New York nightclub on a Saturday night. I find weird as well some young girls of 16/18 having a boob-job.
  • No sleeping at all that night and took the bus at 7 to Jerusalem, slept all over the bus ride.
  • Finally here with all my sisters brother and parents, it’s pretty cool to be with everybody since it has been a long since we did not see each others.