is moved.

I have finally changed over a new provider. The new
provider is called WebHost and i got a VPS with 50GB of
bandwith and 2GB of storage for 10US$ a month.

My first task was to compile python2.4 on that box which look like
it’s based on RH7.3 with heavy customization. Hopefully python really can compile everywhere.

I would like to thanks Vincent Danen for all his free hosting
during all theses years. He has been answering me every
questions i had and provided me a nice hosting for all theses years i was in travel.
I hope to pass by Alberta one day and invite him for the couples
of hundred beers that i own him now.

So now that i have a private server what can i do with that ? not too
much since webdev is not my hobbies (i have to do that at work and i
find it a pain in the a***), but well it’s cool to have a ssh
from everywhere in the world.

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